sustainable brands to have on the radar

Consumers all over the world are starting to become more conscious of their consumption with fashion and beauty products. Dangerous incidents in production facilities and water pollution through harmful chemicals open up questions for a necessary change in production patterns. To stop depleting the earth’s resources, we need to reimagine what fashion and beauty should look like. Sustainable brands leverage on this change and introduce products that are made of or packaged in repurposed materials. These innovative approaches will be the future of fashion and beauty.

Below you will find a list of sustainable brands to have on the radar.

How brands
can counteract overconsumption

Every few seasons there is a rush in customers excited to spend their money from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving or Christmas. The issue? This excitement in customers goes hand in hand with overconsumption and an exponential rise in greenhouse gas emissions, accompanied by heavy electronic waste to plastic pollution. 

Brands have the ability to counteract this negative trend by incentivising customers to a more responsible consumption. Find out what creative campaigns brands have done for Black Friday in the past on our Social Media.