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How to build your startup business without VC

This is the second blog post in a series about the good, bad and ugly of startup fundraising. In this post, give you the low down on alternatives to VC when raising money for your startup. You are a founder of a start-up, your business is in its infancy or rapid growth, and you’re starting […]

Could we all have impact?

The moment you utter your first cry, your life has an impact. So, make it a good one! Join us for a quick dive into the power of personal choices, corporate accountability, and effective ways to make a difference.   

Under the Scope: Revenue-based finance

The Covid19 pandemic has affected every single business regardless of size and geography. Liquidity dried out on several layers and long-term investing, especially from venture capital (VC), has already started slowing down. The question then is: what other funding options do startups have? 

4 Ways to Fund your D2C Business

Whether meal-prep service, sustainable fashion line or organic supplement brand – direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies have started to claim a sizeable slice of the market. Fast, nimble and efficient, they cut out unnecessary middlemen and delight customers with a flexible, targeted offer that meets their needs – at a competitive price. 

The Future of E-Commerce

According to experts, it takes around 21 days to form a habit. As COVID-19 has catapulted the world towards a new normal, it is safe to say that certain behavioural changes look likely to stick. SARS kickstarted the e-commerce giant Alibaba and other Chinese companies’ boom in Asia . Almost 20 years later, we are […]

The Role of Capital and Banks in Society

The secret power behind the scenes: how banks support, shape or stymie future development – and why we’re working on a much-needed overhaul   It’s all about the money, honey  Building something great requires investment: of ideas, labour, time, space – and capital, to keep the doors open and the (virtual) engines turning. While some entrepreneurs […]

Redefining what a bank is

The financial sector has a huge impact on every aspect of our life and future, from politics to climate change. Banking and financial institutions can choose to be passive players – or change our world for the better.  Let’s start with a few words on change: a large slice of the human race’s remarkable success […]