In-depth insights
at a glance

Get a comprehensive view of your Remagine account, plus any other linked external accounts. See who’s spending what, where, and when, all at a glance.

Manage cash flow like a cash pro

Your analytics dashboard is where segmentation gets serious. Instantly visualise revenue and expenditure, and get real-time insight on costs to help manage cash flow.

Excel, we're breaking up

Remagine integrates with your other accounts and services to automatically consolidate cash flows. Less waiting around for month-end reporting, more analysing and growing. Sorry, Excel, it’s been real.

Share data for discussions

Start data-driven discussions for operational and strategic decisions. Export your data into PDF and CSV or invite your accountant to the Remagine party directly.

Keeping your data safe

Remagine is built with industry-leading security controls and practices, to ensure your account is always safe.


Your analytics dashboard is the place to track in real-time how your business is doing. By connecting multiple bank and sales accounts, you can visualize your company’s revenue and expenditure and get insights on costs to help manage your company.

We are currently working with multiple data connectors, such as bank accounts, sales and online marketing advertising tools.

Your data is always safe with us. Remagine is built with end-to-end encryption and industry-leading security controls.

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