Teamwork makes the dream work

Get a company card for each team member, with custom limits and instant notifications. Simplify and track expenses by uploading receipts on the go.

Efficient, trackable spending

Assign cards to individuals or departments, and set custom limits. Know exactly who’s spending how much, when, and where.

Don't go chasing papers

Team members can upload receipts directly to one central Remagine dashboard. No more chasing receipts for that client lunch.

Set custom spending limits

Prevent over-enthusiastic spending by setting custom limits for each card. Plus, get instant spending notifications for added peace of mind.

This is a headache-free zone

Team members

Staff shouldn’t need to expense against their own money. With their own Remagine card, they won’t have to.


Attach receipts to individual transactions, and categorise in a way that works for you. Your accountant will be glad you did.


Enjoy ultimate clarity and control over your company spending, so you can stay focused on your mission and not your money.


You will receive VISA debit cards from us. We will offer both physical and virtual cards. As part of the VISA network, you can make purchases with 46 million merchants in over 200 countries around the world. The debit card will work for online transactions and with traditional point-of-sales.

Yes. Currently, our cards are made from recyclable materials. We’re also working to make sure that not only the cards are as sustainable as possible, but also the packaging they come in and the journey they make to reach you are as environmentally conscious as possible.

By assigning cards to individuals or departments, you can easily track how much is spent, when and where. Attach receipts to specific transactions and categorize in a way that works for you.

Multiple IBANs are there to create flexibility for you and your company. Some ideas just to get you started: Assign specific IBANs only for payments and receivables from one vendor or supplier. Alternatively you can have all the payroll and other fixed costs running separately from other accounts.

The use-cases don’t scale only with the amount of business partners you might have, but also with the number of employees. With a growing team you can choose which employee has access to which account.

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