Dilution is not the solution

Fund your growth without diluting your equity by receiving up to 1M in revenue-based financing. Retain ownership and control – we won’t ask for equity, personal guarantees, credit scores or a board seat

founder-friendly financing

You stay in control

We won’t ask for equity, personal guarantees or a board seat

Get funded fast

Apply in minutes, get an offer in under a week

Revenue-based payback

Share a percentage of your revenue until the capital + a fixed fee of 6% is paid back


Traditional banks

Require personal guarantees and collateral (where’s the trust, eh?)

Rigid, impersonal repayment schedule

Application process can take from several weeks up to 6 months


No equity, board seat, or personal guarantees required

Flexible revenue-based repayments aligned with your goals and growth

From application and analysis to approval in as little as one week

VC’s / Angels

Require 20-40% equity stake and a board seat

Exit and portfolio-focused, which can contradict your goals

3-9 months of fundraising on average (time not spent growing)


A digital business model

A digital business model

We support companies with business models like e-commerce, subscription, D2C, SaaS, mobile app or market places

A Minimum track record

A minimum track record

All you need to show is 12 months of sales and growth history and at least €20K monthly revenue.

A desire to create a better future

A desire to create a better future

You share the idea that businesses have a responsibility to help shape our collective future and want to be an actor of positive transformation

How Remagine works


Tell us about your business

Share some company information with us and connect your sales, marketing and bank accounts


Receive and review your offer

Choose the offer that best fits your requirements and receive funding


Grow and repay
your way

Start investing and repay the loan as you generate revenue

“The process to apply for financing is fast and easy. We were able to access funding in a week and grow our revenue during high-season!”

Akos Piffko

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Put your finances to work for good

By choosing Remagine, your company supports real positive change projects for people and the planet.

Spend to support

Spend to support

Every time we approve and disburse funding to a startup, we donate a laptop to a teenager of refugee background. 



The final percentage is based on the analysis of the information and data you shared with us. Most companies share 2-20% of future revenues.

For our funding, we charge a flat fee of 6% on the capital borrowed. No additional costs apply.

We are only interested in understanding how your business is performing. We will ask you to share some business information and connect your relevant sales, marketing and bank accounts.

Once we agree on a financing, we’ll also need to verify the identity of key people in the company.