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General Questions

Remagine offers short term loans in the form of Revenue-Based Financing that are best used to boost digital revenue growth once a company has found its product-market fit.

RBF (Revenue-Based Financing) is an alternative financing source that facilitates fast and affordable funding to business without requiring equity, board seats or guarantees. Under RBF, you pay a fixed fee and your capital repayment is a fixed percentage of your revenue.

In contrast to traditional VCs, Remagine does not take any equity or board seats for its funding. Compared to traditional bank loans, Remagine does not take any personal guarantees.

Remagine is a complementary funding source that should be used in combination to other ones. Remagine is the right option to complement funding rounds and cover growth related expenses, like digital marketing, once a company has found traction.


We work with businesses that have at least 12 months of sales history, who are generating a minimum of €20K in monthly revenue and process the minimum of 50% of payments online.

For our funding, we charge a flat fee of 6% on the capital borrowed. No additional costs apply.

To apply, simply go through our sign-up flow, share some company information and connect the relevant business accounts, like Facebook, Shopify and bank accounts.

Once the application process is complete and the data we received is complete, receive a funding offer in as little as a week.

Since the repayment is based on your revenue, Remagine will monitor your revenue and/or request for reporting on your revenue. Based on the agreed-upon frequency for repayment, Remagine will send you payment notice. You will need to pay for it within the agreed-upon period.

The final percentage is based on the analysis of the information and data you shared with us. Most companies share 2-20% of future revenues.

We are only interested in understanding how your business is performing. We will ask you to share some business information and connect your relevant sales, marketing and bank accounts.

Once we agree on a financing, we’ll also need to verify the identity of key people in the company.

The data processing will vary depending on the type, purpose and scoping of your data and the services used. Please refer to our privacy policy for further detail.


We will be releasing our accounts in several weeks. Sign up to the waiting list and we will update you once our accounts are available.

Multiple IBANs are there to create flexibility for you and your company. Some ideas just to get you started: Assign specific IBANs only for payments and receivables from one vendor or supplier. Alternatively you can have all the payroll and other fixed costs running separately from other accounts.

The use-cases don’t scale only with the amount of business partners you might have, but also with the number of employees. With a growing team you can choose which employee has access to which account.

You will receive VISA debit cards from us. We will offer both physical and virtual cards.

As part of the VISA network, you can make purchases with 46 million merchants in over 200 countries around the world. The debit card will work for online transactions and with traditional point-of-sales.

Yes. Currently, our cards are made from recyclable materials. We’re also working to make sure that not only the cards are as sustainable as possible, but also the packaging they come in and the journey they make to reach you are as environmentally conscious as possible.

Companies that take our Impact Assessment, have a sufficient score and provide real evidence that supports their answers can access our business accounts with special conditions for 12 months. In those conditions, a base usage is included, but all additional services and products will be subject to charge. At the end of this period, the company can apply again to renew the special conditions.

By assigning cards to individuals or departments, you can easily track how much is spent, when and where. Attach receipts to specific transactions and categorize in a way that works for you.

Your data is always safe with us. Remagine is built with end-to-end encryption and industry-leading security controls.

Your analytics dashboard is the place to track in real-time how your business is doing. By connecting multiple bank and sales accounts, you can visualize your company’s revenue and expenditure and get insights on costs to help manage your company.

We are currently working with multiple data connectors, such as bank accounts, sales and online marketing advertising tools.


To us, impact is all about the benefits that a company’s initiatives, practices or products can bring to stakeholders, from employees and suppliers to society and the environment at large.

This can happen in many ways, but at the core, there needs to be intentionality – meaning there is a strategic decision to prioritise impact alongside measurable outcomes. Get to know more about our impact here.

No, you do not need to be an impact company to apply for any of our products. However, you will need to go through a Negative Screening, as we do not work with companies from certain sectors or that have more than 50% of their revenues or costs coming from: Mining, Tobacco, Psychedelics, Gambling, Defense, Oil & Gas, Adult Entertainment, Distilled Alcoholic Beverages.

We currently work with 3 partners to whom we make donations on a regular basis. We do not have an open grant programme.

Non-profit organizations are able to open business accounts with us. We are not able to offer financing however, as we only have financing options available to for profit organizations.

Yes, we are intentional about the impact we want to create and have a thorough Theory of Change. You can learn more about it here.

Yes, we are a for profit company incorporated in Germany as a GmbH that uses it products and services to create impact.

Data Connections

To connect your Google Ads account, please follow the steps:

     Step 1: In Data Connection step during sign-up, expand Google Ads icon and click on “Connect”.

     Step 2: Choose a Google account with Admin or Read-only access level to your Google Ads.

Step 3: Click Allow. If you deny permission, this will result in invalid connection.

Step 4: Confirm your choices and click on Allow. If you remove any of the areas of access, this will result in invalid connection.

Step 5: You will be redirected to the Data Connections page.

How do I know which Google account has Admin or Read-only access level to your Google Ads?

Step 1: Go to Google Ads Management Site > Tools & Settings > Account access and security.


 Step 2: Under Users, all Google accounts with access to your Google Ads are displayed.

Users with Admin or Read-only access level should be used to connect with Remagine.


To connect your Facebook account, please follow the steps:

     Step 1: In Data Connection step during sign-up, expand Facebook icon and click on “Connect”.

     Step 2: Ensure that you are logged onto Facebook with a user used to manage your Facebook ads.

     Step 3: Click on “Continue as” 

Step 4: Click on OK. Please provide access to all areas that we request for. If you remove any of the areas of access, this will result in invalid connection.

Step 5: You will be redirected to the Data Connections page.


How do I know which Facebook account manages my Facebook ads?

     1. Go to Facebook Business Settings > Users > People

     2. Under People, click on a User profile. This will display all Ad Accounts it has access to:

  •      If the User has access to all Ad Accounts, then use that User to connect with Remagine.


To connect your PayPal account, please follow the steps:

     Step 1: Access your PayPal account and login. Click on the “Settings”gear icon on the top right corner and select “Account Settings”.


     Step 2: Add Remagine as a User

     1. Go to the “Account Access” section. Next to “Manager Users”, click “Edit”.


      2. Click on the “Add User” button. Add a new user will show up as a popup. Complete it as shown below and click Continue. 

     An example to create user ID: If your company name is Apple Inc., then the user ID is AppleRM

     Step 3: Limit what Remagine can view.

     Under Choose permissions, select the following:

    1. Access reports
    2. See balance, access money movement
    3. See customer list
    4. See account settings
    5. See insights


     Step 4: Send an email to 

  • Please provide the user ID and password created for Remagine.
  • Remagine will have a limited view of your PayPal Account upon accepting the invitation email.

To connect your Stripe account, please follow the steps:

     Step 1:  Access your Stripe Account.

  1. Login to your Stripe Account.
  2. Click on Settings under the menu on the left hand side.
  3. Click on Team under the Team and Security section of Business Settings.



     Step 2: Invite Remagine as a team member

  1. Click on +New member
  2. Type into the email field.
  3. Click Invite.
  4. Remagine will receive view-only access of your Stripe Account upon accepting the invitation email.



To connect your Braintree account, please follow the steps:

     Step 1:  Access your Braintree Account.

  1. Click on the gear icon at the top right-hand side.
  2. Login into the Braintree Control Panel.
  3. Click Team on the dropdown menu.


     You will be brought to the page with a list of current users on your team and their respective roles.

     Step 2: Set up a New Role

  1. Click on the Manage Roles button to see a list of your existing roles
  2. Click on the New Role button to create a new role
  3. Type “View Only” into the Name field
  4. Scroll down the list of boxes under Rights Granted


     5. Check the Reporting boxes – Create, Run, and Download Reports and View Dashboard Graphs.

  1. Check the Statements box – View Statements

  2. Click on the Create Role button

  3. You will receive a confirmation message. Confirm that your role settings are correct

     Step 3: Invite Remagine as a New User

  1. Click on the Users tab at the top of the page
  2. Click the + New User button to create a new user
  3. Type this email address into the email field:
  4. Under Roles, check View Only
  5. Under Merchant Accounts, check All
  6. Click on the Create User button


Remagine will receive view-only access of your Braintree Account upon accepting the invitation email

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