sustainable food companies

From crop to compost – conscious consumption in all walks of life is becoming increasingly important all over the world. Overconsumption and aesthetic preferences lead to huge waste in food. A large portion of produce is wasted before it even reaches the store. Equally it is being thrown out, because it didn’t sell in the right time, although still good for consumption, or it goes bad in households. Companies have the chance to step into these lifesycles of the food chain and create less waste, while creating value where it seemingly went lost.

Here is some bite-sized inspiration from sustainable food companies making a difference along the value chain.

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how circular economy can relate to your business?

Here’s the bottom line: we need large-scale, urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. What this means for us at Remagine is fundamentally changing the way businesses, well, do business. In this piece, we’re highlighting sustainable business model innovation based on circular economy principles by sharing insights from circularity in food.