The financial platform for startups that want
to change the world

The financial platform for startups that want to change the world

Manage your finances and get founder- friendly funding that helps you to become more impactful.

Financial control with business accounts and analytics dashboard

People and planet-friendly features to deepen your impact

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Better than a bank, Remagine is the 
founder-friendly financial platform for businesses that are ready to imagine a better future

Team accounts

Team cards, analytics dashboard, multiple IBANs. Just for starters

Measurable impact

Have impact with every Remagine product you use

Become part of a movement that is using business for good

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Manage your finances
as a team

Create cards for your team and finally stick to budgets by assigning individual spending limits. Assign financial activities to team members or external partners and maintain an overview of all spendings in real-time.

Get overview and Insights via our Dashboard

Our analytics dashboard will give you a comprehensive overview and in-depth insights into your finances, as well as any data sources that you choose to connect with your account.

Split Payments across different IBANs

With Remagine you can create multiple IBANs and thereby have dedicated IBANs for different payment flows – for example separating receivables and payables or any other segmentation you would like to create.


Where Growth leads to good

Free accounts

Companies that can demonstrate their
impact get our account for free!

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Free accounts

Companies that can prove their impact get our account for free! 

Are you eligible?

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Impact at every step

Impact at every step

When you open an account or simply use your card, you are supporting causes that make the world a better place.

Our 10% pledge

Our 10% pledge

We donate 10% of our company profits
to initiatives that support people and

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